in association with Sony UK & Sony Greece

Trainer: Daryl Bidewell & Haris Loukatzikos

Vision Control Operation is for both novice and advanced level. This intensive, 2-day practical course concentrates on building vision & lighting skills, through demonstrations, video case studies, group exercises, and written training materials.


Introduction to the camera chain

How cameras work

Operational camera controls, colour matching iris and black level operation

Why cameras need a line up

Black and white balance

Flare correctors

Knee and highlight control

Gamma and black stretch

Practical Line up

Complete work on camera chain

Common problems with cameras and their solutions

CCU Operation

Introduction to vision control

Group Exercise

Explore the relationship between lamp power, dimming control and vision control

Lighting to maximise the effectiveness of practical set lights.

Creative use of colour balance, mixed lighting and knee control

CCU Operation

Hands-on experience of vision control


Various scenarios to practise CCU operation

Course Revision

Revision of all key points from the 2-day course

Feedback and discussion about course


Daryl Bidewell from the United Kingdom

Daryl is a freelance Vision Supervisor/Controller and Live Colourist. He graduated from Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication School of Broadcasting in London in 1995 with an HND Distinction in Television Programme Operations. He was then appointed Head of Engineering at the BBC’s contractor for the televising of The Houses of Parliament. In 1999 he moved to MTV Networks Europe and since 2007 he has worked as freelance in a variety of studios and locations around Europe. Currently, his long-running projects include two of the UK’s major talk shows “The Graham Norton Show” for the BBC & “The Jonathan Ross Show” for ITV. He also works on BBC’s music festival coverage of Glastonbury & Reading, award shows, including The Laureus World Sports Awards, and music & gameshows for broadcasters, including ITV & Sky. Daryl also works on 4K/HDR multi-camera shows for Netflix. In 2013, Daryl was approached by SONY to become one of their Independent Certified Experts. He provides training for all SONY HDC system cameras & associated accessories, including the RCP-1000 series, MSU-1000 & SONY PVM & BVM monitors.

Haris Loukatzikos  – tbc