About us


  1. Cyprus Media Academy is a division of DIAS Media, the leading media group in Cyprus
  2. DIAS is composed of Sigma Television, two top-ranked radio stations Radio Proto and Super FM,
    several online portals, including the number one news portal Sigmalive, a range of leading
    publications, and DIAS Productions, a movie service provider
  3. CMA is multicultural and our courses are in English, Greek or Arabic
  4. We attract course participants from all over the world, including Cyprus, Finland, Germany,
    Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Romania, Russia,
    Saudi Arabia, Syria, & the United Kingdom
  5. In association with universities, we also offer e-learning modules, student attachments, and
  6. CMA has several strategic partnerships with international organisations and colleges



  1. CMA’s audiovisual classrooms and broadcast facilities have been certified as a Vocational
    Training Structure by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus



  1. CMA courses are short-term, intensive, and highly practical
  2. For corporate clients, organisations, government departments and individuals, we offer a wide
    range of bespoke training courses, including public speaking, crisis communication, and emergency
    media response
  3. We provide social media training courses in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and website design for
    small businesses and start-ups
  4. CMA provides specialist training programmes in both broadcasting and film production
  5. All of our courses are unique as we make full use of television and radio production studios in the
    broadcast headquarters of DIAS Media
  6. Our course trainers are globally-renowned and are specialists in their fields
  7. Our training courses are tailored to the needs of participants and are suited to both beginner and
    advanced level


  1. To be the leading media academy in Europe, by combining essential theory with practical exercises in realistic environments
  2. To nurture the essential skills required to succeed in business, in media, and in the film & broadcasting industries


  1. To provide unique training courses in one of the most popular, safe and easily accessible locations in Europe
  2. To offer a wide range of bespoke courses to boost career opportunities for our course participants
  3. To deliver professional experience which enhances company image and reputation