Trainer: Peter Dick, BBC Television


This is an intensive course for experienced vision mixers and for trainees. Participants revise existing vision mixing knowledge and learn new skills in the latest techniques.

Under guidance from our expert trainer, the key points of the syllabus are:

  1. Study the vision mixing panel
  2. Understand all features of the panel
  3. Enhance skills of operation
  4. Maximise use of the vision mixer
  5. Develop new techniques to improve operation
  6. Build confidence in setting up both simple & complex sequences
  7. Individual & group exercises on vision mixing panel

The course concludes with one-to-one revision exercises and group discussion.



Peter Dick is a senior director at BBC World in London. He began his career as a lighting director in Australian TV before moving to London where he was employed by ITN as a vision mixer. He then trained as a TV director and was employed by ITV, Sky News and the BBC. Peter is also a director of corporate events and a trainer with BBC Media Action where he has completed numerous worldwide assignments.