Trainer: Leonidas Alexandrou


Regardless of profession or skillset, being able to communicate effectively in public is a crucial professional skill to possess. The ability to express oneself with clarity, engagement and impact is vital.

This unique 2-day training course to improve your skills in public speaking. In this course we create realistic public speaking exercises and interview sessions, not only in a classroom but in radio and television studios, with professional reporters and presenters. Participants overcome concerns and anxieties and develop confidence to speak in public.

Approved by the training authority of Cyprus, our course offers top-level practical tuition in the principles of public speaking & effective communication and all our training is structured to be varied, interactive and entertaining.


This is an intensive course over two days, and combines interactive communication, language workshops, sharing of experiences, role-playing, case studies, analysis and feedback.

Skills taught during the course of the training are immediately put into practice in practical sessions in classroom, on stage, and in TV studio environments.

Realistic scenarios are created to encourage participants to write speeches, statements, chair conferences and events, and face probing questions from presenters on radio and TV programmes.


  1. Skills and confidence are developed to communicate effectively with any audience
  2. Fears of public speaking are transformed into a profound communication advantage
  3. Presentations are structured and crafted for maximum impact
  4. Speeches with clarity and power are delivered in front of peers
  5. Participants learn how to engage and connect with audience members
  6. Body language, eye contact, and vocal techniques are developed to captivate listeners from start to finish
  7. Participants learn best practices of pre-speech preparation, including effective rehearsal and how to tailor presentations to a speaking venue’s unique physical environment, technical resources, and seating arrangements


This course is based at Cyprus Media Academy’s audio-visual classroom and in DIAS Media Group’s TV studios in Nicosia. Each day comprises of a 6-hour training session, with breaks for lunch and refreshments.


Our trainers have decades of experience at the highest professional level and are experienced trainers with a dynamic approach to teaching. The background of our trainers means that we stage fast-paced and dynamic theory sessions, including smart graphics and relevant video clips.

Leonidas Alexandrou is a self-development mentor and high-performance corporate trainer. He has worked for two decades with leading global organisations in the UK, the Gulf and Cyprus, he has successfully taught public speaking to individuals of all ages and at all levels of communication skills.

Munro Forbes is Director of Cyprus Media Academy and is also an experienced broadcasting trainer and production consultant from the United Kingdom. He worked for BBC and ITV for 28 years and now runs training courses for CMA, Thomson Foundation, Aljazeera Media Institute and Birzeit University.