Trainer: Sohail Rahman, Aljazeera English  Mai Davies, BBC Radio & Television

5-day practical training programme


This special course provides basic training for novice radio and TV presenters and is also a refresher course for experienced professionals. Our training programme is unique as it is highly-practical and makes full use of the radio and TV studio facilities in the headquarters of DIAS Media Group. Participants undertake many studio exercises which are recorded, reviewed, and discussed.

The course concludes with one-to-one sessions.

Participants build confidence and develop a style and persona. They learn body language and practise listening skills. The following exercises are included in the course:

RADIO & TV:    Presentation of news bulletins

RADIO & TV:    Interviewing techniques

RADIO & TV:    Studio talkback techniques

RADIO & TV:    How to handle breaking news

RADIO & TV:    How to adlib in unscripted situations

RADIO & TV:    How to talk to time 

TV:                       Autocue practice  

TV:                       Videowall presentation

TV:                      How to chair a debate programme

TV:                      Presentation of studio demonstrations

TV:                      Presentation a magazine show



Mr Sohail Rahman

Sohail is a public speaking coach, TV anchor and correspondent for the Aljazeera Network who has been based in Doha, Delhi, and Kuala Lumpur, and has covered general elections in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan. Previously, he worked in the United Kingdom for both ITV and the BBC and presented news, debate programmes, magazine shows, crime series, documentaries and travel series. In 2003 he was awarded Presenter/Reporter of the Year by the UK’s Royal Television Society.