Trainer: Peter Dick, BBC Television & Roy Newton, ITN


TV Lighting Design course is for both novice and advanced level.

This intensive, 2-day practical course concentrates on building vision & lighting skills, through demonstrations, video case studies, group exercises, and written training materials.


Lighting safety What is Light? Light v heat

Why Light? Illumination, modeling, separation

The lamps: Open faced, Lensed, Barn doors, Pole operation, Hot and cold sources, Soft lights, LED/Moving Lights, Hands-on exercise with lamps

Quality of Light: Hard and soft-diffusion/nets/frames/reflection. Continuous v discharge.

Colour – burn temperature and gels

Quantity of Light: Lamp power, distance, ND filtration, dimming- effect on colour temperature

Position of Lights: Key angles, fills backlights

3 Point Lighting recap

Exercises: point lighting with minimal lights, 1+1 interview


Lighting sets





Uplighting v downlighting


Understanding lighting plots and rig procedures. Power considerations at venues

Studio Lighting – Examples and discussion

Lighting for discussion programmes v drama lighting

Realistic lighting direction – one sun

Use of bounce light – hard and soft reflectors Use of nets


Lighting Console Operation

Introduction to lighting control


Analogue control

DMX control


Presets, memories, sub masters

Building up lighting states

Channel numbering


Hands-on exercises

Studio exercise: lighting and programming ‘up’ and ‘down’ lighting conditions

Feedback and chat about cameras

Use of lens angle to increase or reduce depth

Effect of lens height

Use of iris and gain, effect of iris setting on depth of field


Course Revision

Conclusion & Discussion



Peter Dick is a senior director at BBC World in London. He began his career as a lighting director in Australian TV before moving to London where he was employed by ITN as a vision mixer. He then trained as a TV director and was employed by ITV, Sky News and the BBC. Peter is also a director of corporate events and a trainer with BBC Media Action where he has completed numerous worldwide assignments.


UK TV Lighting Expert with more than 30 years of experience at ITN. This course provides tuition in lighting a TV studio for news, current affairs and magazine shows. The course is highly practical and all participants gain valuable hands-on experience.