Trainers: Sakari Laurila & Leah Kayaleh

7-day course


In this intensive course, participants will be introduced to the art of filmmaking

and learn how to make a short film.

Key points of the syllabus

  1. The idea
  2. Storytelling: character, plot, & structure
  3. Scriptwriting: logline, synopsis, treatment, format, & screenplay
  4. Framing the narrative: shot composition, shot list, & storyboarding
  5. The roles of the crew
  6. Casting & locations
  7. Directing & working with actors
  8. Basic camera & lighting
  9. Basic editing
  10. Basic sound design

The process of pre-production, production and post-production will be studied.

All essential materials and equipment will be provided for course participants.

The course concludes with an exercise in the production of a short film.




Ms Leah Kayaleh Bachelor’s degree in communications (with specialisation in filmmaking) and a Masters degree in filmmaking. Leah has worked on numerous film sets and in several companies, including The Walt Disney Company in London and MBC in Dubai. As a filmmaker herself, Leah is currently in production of one of her own films.


Our highly-experienced trainer is also a filmmaker, Director of Photography, director and producer. He holds a Master of Arts (in film), Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Business Administration, and has lectured at Helsinki Film Academy, Lapland University, Thames Valley University, and Cambridge University. Sakari is an expert in using Premiere Pro & After Effects on his many films, documentaries and music video projects.