Course designed for executives & front-line staff of major companies, government departments and organisations.

We offer world-class training in handling news media, during good times and bad. We prepare company executives and spokespeople to confidently face cameras and reporters to manage fall-out from crisis and reputational damage. Our courses are led by international journalists with wide experience in TV and print.


Our primary focus is increasing the confidence and polishing the performance of our clients.

Our specialist knowledge means we understand sophisticated transport issues and can advise on how to address them. We believe preparation and practice underpin strong media performance and we offer proven techniques for improvement.


We are unique in Cyprus in having access to national TV resources, including experienced reporters and news anchors

  1. Training courses in Cyprus Media Academy classroom
  2. The studios of Sigma Television for practical exercises
  3. We also offer the option to train clients on-site in their own offices


FOR COMPANY & ORGANISATION EXECUTIVES                                                                                           

Theory, discussion & preparation

  1. Understand the likely behaviour of the media in a crisis
  2. How to prepare for a media exchange, in print, online & broadcast
  3. Plan messages & develop appropriate body language, both on-camera and when speaking to an external audience
  4. Develop a theoretical crisis with examples of bad practice and “bridging techniques”
  5. Examine social media and its positive and negative use in a crisis


Practical exercises in authentic situations

  1. Deliver statements to camera
  2. Conduct a press conference
  3. Take part in a non-confrontational TV interview
  4. Feel the pressure of working to deadline and to fielding challenging questions in a second round of more challenging TV interviews

FOR FRONT-LINE STAFF                                                                                                                                                       

First Response & the importance of front-line staff in a crisis 

  1. The importance of front-line staff in crisis
  2. The damage a crisis can cause to corporate reputations
  3. What behaviour can be expected from the media and how long it may last
  4. How they should manage media inquiries in that period, including how to decline interview requests

Interactive Workshop

  1. How to deal with incoming calls in a crisis
  2. Exercises recorded and reviewed with the group
  3. How to develop appropriate responses and behaviour



Lead coach and trainer for CMA in Emergency Media Response

Recent clients in global corporations

  1. AMEX
  2. JP Morgan
  3. Jumeirah Hotels
  4. Cigna
  5. Huawei
  6. Ex Head of Newsgathering, Al Jazeera English
  7. Former reporter and assignments editor with ITN/ITV News
  8. Reporter and presenter with BBC TV and Radio
  9. Print and digital journalist
  10. Covered stories such as the 2003 Iraq War, the 2008 financial crisis, British and US elections, the funeral of Princess Diana and the 1999 Kosovo Crisis

Specialist in training for aviation & shipping

  1. Nick has worked with all levels of Intership Navigation of Cyprus
  2. Dealt with senior management team in crisis communications exercises & media training at DP World
  3. Three years as in-house crisis communications trainer with Qatar Airways
  4. Trained hundreds of QR staff, from C-Suite to ASMs – training based on IATA requirements
  5. Also worked with Emirates, dnata & Oman Air management teams


Munro has worked as a TV director in BBC and ITV in the United Kingdom for almost 30 years.

He now undertakes assignments around the world to train presenters and production staff and revamps and launches new TV channels. Munro is Special Advisor to Sigma Television and is Director of the Cyprus Media Academy.